Bonne nuit George

While watching Spike Jonze’s excellent short film, Mourir Auprès de Toi (To Die By Your Side), I was pleased to see the stop-motion animation set in the remarkable Parisian bookshop, Shakespeare and Company.

Buoyed by the charming love story, it prompted me to rewatch a documentary about Shakespeare and Company from a few years ago, Portrait of of a Bookstore as an Old Man. The old man in the title is the store’s founder, George Whitman, an extraordinary gentleman who sadly died in December, falling short of his century by just two years.

There’s plenty of quality obits about George Whitman, see for yourself. I found Jeanette Winterson’s the most poetic.

“He made his own world, and that is the best that anyone can do.”

Bonne nuit George.

George Whitman (December 12, 1913 – December 14, 2011)

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